Discover attributes of the

Masculine Force and Feminine Flow

to live in alignment with the balanced divinity of your Higher Self


Not only for deepening functional relationships around you, but most importantly for cultivating a new type of intimacy and reverence with your own central nervous system and responsive nature.

Understanding the energetic language of the Masculine and Feminine Attributes can be a powerful tool for 

embodiment of your unwavering Truth

Through this powerful tool, you will better understand the reactive nature of unconscious qualities,

and how to transmute them into usable energy through

the responsive nature of embodied conscious qualities. 


Understanding the energetic language of the Masculine & Feminine Attributes within your own nervous system can be used as a toolkit

for unlocking expression in alignment with your Highest Self.  This power is inherent in you but in order to access it,

you first have to recognize how you’ve been reacting versus responding.


This course acts as a roadmap to uncovering the reactiveness of subconscious behaviors; pulling these behaviors into

a conscious state of awareness where we can navigate ourselves back to the embodiment of responsiveness attributes


Out of Balance Masculine vs Balanced Masculine Attributes

Out of Balance Feminine vs Balanced Feminine Attributes

Reactive Nature of the Subconscious versus Responsive Nature of the Conscious


Balancing Masculine and Feminine energies within OneSelf is not gender-specific. It is archetypal work, a matter of working with the energies that lives within each of us. All genders have both feminine and masculine qualities.

Each energy has both a shadow and light side aspect that either leaves you feeling dense and heavy or light and awakened.

Recognizing subconcious reactions versus choosing conscious responses is important to be able to access the power that is already inherent in YOU through the Masculine and Feminine attributes.

YOU are a POWERFUL Being that can awaken dormant attributes within the subconscious to begin co-creating from a place of wholeness and abundance!

Let us unlock and arise these superpowers in YOU to begin living a life of alignment in your unwavering truth of your highest expression!

Are you reacting from scarcity, lack, and fear when you’d like to be responding from wholeness and abundance? 

Learn the roadmap of Masculine and Feminine Attributes by downloading this FREE PDF now!

Allow your Masculine and Feminine attributes to come to dance in harmony today! 



Powerful in the embodiment of her own energy, Melanie's ability to transmute & alchemize stories of her own adversity empowers others to integrate their stories, find their Truth, & own their Authentic Self. 

Melanie began her own journey understanding Masculine / Feminine Energies 5 years ago.  In deconstructing how Masculine & Feminine attributes showed up in her household as a child, she was able to trace patterns, tracking them into her current-day behaviors and how she was showing up in the world to herself and those around her. 

Through the awareness of tracking reactive behaviors, and having alternate means of responsive attributes in conscious qualities to choose from,  Melanie began using this as a road map to mitigate the reactivity of her own central nervous system to more of a responsive nature.  Transmuting dense emotions, and resourcing them into more usable energy in alignment with the embodiment of her own integrity towards herself, her relationships, and her clients.

Melanie’s passion is to guide people back into their authentic selves as they step into the power of their unwavering truth.  To reconnect their bodies with the intrinsic wisdom of Masculine and Feminine Attributes.  Helping people build a life by design, realize their fullest expression, and trust they too can co-create and manifest from a place of wholeness and abundance. 

By balancing the Masculine and Feminine energies in our bodies we find a peaceful more harmonious life.

Listen to what these women are saying after working with Melanie Joy

"As a beacon of light, Melanie uses her raw energy to empower others to navigate their path with joy, grace, surrender, and balance."

"With her strong presence, she ignites the fire of growth and healing, paving the way for others to find their own tenacious spirits.”

“Melanie Joy’s optimism inspires others to claim the life of their dreams. With relentless determination, her energy is infectious as she inspires and empowers others to claim and embrace their authentic selves.”

“Melanie has a keen ability to find the truth while speaking on adversarial experiences, as she serves others in a life of wellness: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.”

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