Sacred Heart Sound Healing

Into the Wild:

A Women's River Rafting Retreat   

July 27th - July 31st

4 Day In-Person Retreat 

A Maiden to Mother Rites of Passage

& optional 8-week Virtual Masterclass September 2023 



Green River, Dinosaur Monument Valley VERNAL, UTAH | July 27 - 31, 2023

This is a 4-day In-Person retreat to the Heart of the Mother Nature, held by 280 million year old canyons, as we float with the flow of the Mother, down the river, waters deep.

Last year this trip forever changed my life. The metaphors received from nature have led the way of expansiveness new beginnings ever since. 

While out on the River, I knew I wanted to bring a group of women back to this select adventure.

And it is happening this July 2023!

Experience Mother Nature in all her glory.


Together we will hike, swim, sing, pray, dance and eat delicious food catered by our professional River Rafting Guides. 

Other activities could include:



           Sound Healing 

           Meditation & Guided Visualizations

Leave your makeup, programs, schedules, and agendas at home. It's time to take it all off as we rest, relax, and receive the beauty of nature as we recognize our own inner beauty inside! 

Investment Cost: $1800

Register for the 4-Day River Rafting Retreat ONLY

What’s included: Transport from Vernal to the launch site, Professional guides, all meals while on retreat cooked by a chef,  sleeping bags & foam mattress, tents

What’s not included: Flights, Hotel while in Vernal, UT


The Great Round - Facilitation Team

Samantha Jordan

Samantha is a revolutionary space holder, speaker, & sensual movement facilitator who is passionate about sovereignty, sensuality, soul development, & loves connecting 1:1 with other conscious individuals. Samantha is also a commercial fisherman, a yoga teacher, and a writing coach in her women's journaling program. The Bad Girls Club is all about vocal activation & emotional liberation through the archetypes of the sensual Maiden, the Wild Woman, the Holy Whore and the Seductress. While on the river, Samantha will be guiding us through the movement practice of Goddess Yoga & Journaling prompts as we witness one another, release shame,  claim our desires & remember the vast spectrum of the human experience together. 

Zaianna Ortiz

Zaia is a true Medicine Sister and will be joining us to share the essence of freedom through feeling. She is a Somatic Therapist and Embodiment Educator devoted to Earth medicines, music & service. While out on the River in the heart of the Mother, Zaia will serve volcanic organic cacao from her home in Nicaragua to as she leads us in voice activation practices through song circles. Bringing her hand pan, flute, & guitar we invite you to feel the rhythm of your own beat through song & dance . As a somatic integration coach, Zaia will bless us with her wisdom about the nervous system & relating dynamics. 

Amanda Alchemy

Amanda Alchemy is a Holistic Health Practitioner devoted to the restoration of hope and empowerment on the planet. She has been working with the mind body, spirit connection using the breath, sound and hands on techniques since 2012 and has helped thousands of people on their path. She is a humble student of shamanic consciousness and works with plant intelligence as an ally in keeping her channel clean and clear. You can learn more about her on Instagram @Element.Tree

Alicia Kay

Alicia has worked in the area of trauma for the past 15 years. She is a trained clinician and certified coach that is a master at helping her students reclaim their worth and embody their highest, most authentic selves by embracing all parts of who they are outside of societal expectations. As a Somatic Breathwork Facilitator and Trauma Trained professional, Alicia helps us rewrite stories of the psyche & integrate the wisdom into an in-bodied & embodied experience.

In addition to The Great Round of Facilitation Leads...

We will have a Rafting Team of 4-5 professional Rafting Guides provided by Adrift Rafting Retreats. The Women Team of raft guides have been hand selected by Adrift to add the utmost value to this collection of Feminine Leads to professionally guide us, cook for us, and care for us as we float down the River allowing Mother Nature to do the heavy lifting bringing us back to harmony with our internal landscapes AND the ecosystem of the 280 million year old canyons. 



Arrive Vernal Utah, stay at Dinosaur Inn & Suites for the evening


6 am    |    Shuttle Arrives to transport to dock loading
9 am    |    Off to the River

7/27 to 7/30

Offline on the River


3 pm    |     Arrive back to the shuttle, transport to Dinosaur Inn & Suites

5 pm    |    Group departure dinner Vernal Utah


Shuttle to Airport, Fly Home

Inclusions:  all food, tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats 

Exclusions: rooms and airfare

The 8-week Virtual Masterclass + 4-Day Retreat Bundle Experience

River Rafting Retreat Schedule

July 27-31, 2023 | The River Rafting Retreat, Dinosaur  Monument Valley, UT


Virtual  Masterclass Schedule BEGINS September

WEEK 1     | Opening Circle & The Heroine's Journey

WEEK 2     | Navigating the Maiden to Mother Journey

WEEK 3     |  Maiden Traits & The Initiation 

WEEK 4     | Cherishing Mother & Mother Water 

WEEK 5     | Preparation & Meeting the Maiden

WEEK 6     | The Underworld & The Initiation

WEEK 7     | Meeting Your Inner Mother 

WEEK 8     | Rising to your Wild Women & your True Power 



8-Week Ritual into the Spirit & Story Arch of Feminine Consciousness 

This is a journey through the Maiden to Mother Rites of Passage through Jungian Psychology, under the lineage of Marion Woodman as transmitted by Sarah Durham Wilson. 

Together we will explore: 

                Archetypal Mother 

               ✓ Archetypal Maiden

                The Heroine’s Journey

                Rights of Passage through Initiations

Crossing thresholds of maturity and what it means to cultivate mature leadership through Feminine Consciousness in our lives

Finally, we unlock feminine energetics of societies past to pull the power of feminine ancestry forward through HerStory.

What were matrilineal societies? What does Mature Leadership through Feminine Consciousness feel like in our bodies in today?

Investment Cost: $800

Register for the 8-Week Ritual ONLY

A Preview of the THE WOMEN'S RITUAL - A Virtual Experience


River Rafting Retreat ONLY


Green River, Dinosaur Monument Valley VERNAL, UTAH River Rafting Retreat


The Mother Maiden Journey ONLY


8-Week Ritual into the Psychosomatic & Spiritual of Feminine Consciousness



and get $400 off the BUNDLE:

The Women's Ritual + The Retreat

PAY IN FULL before AUGUST 1st for only $2,200 and save $400



☑ FREE Access to Mini Courses

         - Roadmap of Masculine & Feminine Attributes (valued at $44)

        - Aspects of Divine Creation (valued at $44)

        - The 5 Faces of the Mother Masterclass (valued at $144)

☑ THREE Surprise Workshops (To be announced) 


Courtney A.

I started working with Melanie at a huge transitional period of my life, and at the time I was very new to the Maiden Mother Journey work. It was such a powerful experience to navigate through that journey with Melanie guiding me so beautifully, and also seeing that journey unfold in my real life simultaneously. The shifts I have seen in myself, my business, and my life path since doing that work have been profound and undeniable. Melanie held so much space for me and created such a safe container for me to go through an entire rebirthing process. I will definitely work with Melanie again in the future, and encourage anyone who is curious about doing this work to go for it!


We had the pleasure of being led by Melanie and Amanda through a bachelorette-themed experience, that kicked off our weekend with intention and good energy. We started off with a mandala, which was a beautiful experience, that helped us feel grounded and present. The most powerful part was our breathwork meditation, and share circle at the end. Both ladies were gracious, kind hosts, who helped guide and made us feel comfortable and in a safe space. This was a magical experience, I would recommend to any group of women who want to connect with their inner-selves and each other! Melanie was extremely communicative, kind, and tailored this experience to our group. Highly recommend!rk to go for it!


WOW! What an incredible experience in Sedona. Melanie is deeply tapped into what women struggle with alchemizing in the modern world. She explained my own personal experience through a depth of knowledge, storytelling, archetypes, and initiatory practices that deeply helped me to understand a lot of what I'm going through as a mother. I'm in my mid 40's and through the structure of her insights and understanding, I have been able to have a better relationship with this phase of life. Aging gracefully is rarely talked about, much less aging INTO empowerment as a woman. The entire experience was beautiful, emotional, and a perfect balance of raw truth and gentle presence. I highly recommend this experience. I imagine it would be incredible for both younger women seeking direction and meaning, as well as women older than myself in the "what next" phase of life. I KNOW that it was profoundly meaningful to me in my "mid-life", giving me clarity at a time when many of my identities have a powerful hold on me while simultaneously, I have the desire to change and be MORE, and feel more freedom. Big thumbs up!!


Melanie's embodied divine feminine essence has allowed me to bring out my softness and relax into the feminine qualities within myself. To trust my intuition and relax into my essence as a woman. She has the ability to make you feel fully seen and accepted as you face the challenges you're dealing with in life. She helps you feel understood and empowers you to see yourself as the true divine being that you are, no matter what situation you are in. Her knowledge, skill set, and life experience that she brings to the container are invaluable. You will not find many other hosts who can empower you through words and wisdom the way that Melanie can. The way that she structures each week to build on the lessons the week prior is unlike anything you will find in your community. She couples spiritual growth and expansion with practical day-to-day tools impeccably. I would highly recommend her program if you are looking to expand your mind, heart, and soul all in one container. Since meeting Melanie and working with her, my ability to love myself and others has grown in exponential ways. Every day I feel more inspired to create a life for myself that is aligned with love, growth, and conscious connection. I highly recommend that you work with her in any program she is offering.


I've had the pleasure of working with Melanie since the beginning of 2023. In that time I have learned many tools and ideas that have formed much of my personal growth already and will continue to inform my transformation over the years. I am thankful to have said "hell yes!" Melanie is a caring and skilled facilitator who understands, viscerally, the archetypes of which she teaches. She has seen and done it all and has come out the other side a wiser and more seasoned coach who can empathize while still showing you a path to personal growth. Well worth your time and vulnerability. You won't be disappointed.


My life has been deeply impacted as a result of working with Melanie. Her approach is so grounded, real, and all from a place of love and compassion. Her area of expertise is around the Divine Feminine and she expresses and instills information through Maiden Meditations, honest conversations, and impeccable listening. I feel completely seen and heard which creates a very safe space to be open and vulnerable. I have and will continue to highly recommend Melanie to women because her teachings are specifically focused on the healing of all aspects of the feminine which includes healing the masculine. It’s an important perspective that I have not come across from anyone else. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you Sister!


I couldn’t imagine a better host to experience this with. Melanie has the most beautiful balance of power and grace that allow her to create a deeply meaningful group or private dynamic. It is a joy to be in her presence. I can’t wait to experience her offerings again!


It feels important for us all to remember our divinity while embracing our light and shadows in this human life. Melanie has such an eloquent yet direct way of presenting the various energies and archetypes at play to help bring awareness and thus movement toward wholeness.


Melanie invited me to collaborate and participate in her Virtual Village, and it helped me gain more confidence in my work and ways in which I can share wisdom in the community. It has been an absolute joy to connect with such loving, open, and curious souls. Her programs are extremely insightful, rich with diverse perspectives, and also feel very safe for more vulnerable shares. I would recommend Melanie's programs because they have helped me grow in my spiritual journey and expand what I feel is possible for my life.