$800.00 USD

The Maiden Mother Journey starts SEPTEMBER 8

8-Week Ritual into the Spirit & Story Arch of Feminine Consciousness 

This is a journey into the Maiden Mother Rights of Passage through a Jungian (Carl Jung) lens, as told under the lineage of Marion Woodman, Maureen Murdock, and Sarah Durham Wilson. 

I have been holding this virtual offering since summer of 2020, awakening 100s of women to the breath of this material. I cannot wait to share it with you! It's been one year since I've held this container with a group of women virtually and the time has come to nestle in the material once again, with additional teachings from more of my Teachers: Mary Margraves and James Frazzier. 

Together we will explore: 

 The Heroine’s Journey             

Archetypal Mother 

✓ Archetypal Maiden

 The Drama Triangle

✓ The Adversary Voice

The Art of Storytelling 

✓ Sacred Spaces & Initiations

Together we will explore what it means to cross thresholds of maturity and what it means to cultivate mature leadership through Feminine Consciousness through the art of Storytelling. 

We will unlock feminine energetics of societies past to pull the power of Feminine ancestry forward through HerStory.

What were matrilineal societies?

What does Mature Leadership through Feminine Consciousness feel like in our bodies in today?

Let's take the masks and programming off to discover our primal nature once again. Each week you will be provided worksheets and journal prompts to assist you in going a little deeper into the body, where all wisdom is revealed somatically. 

Virtual  Masterclass Schedule BEGINS September 8th 

WEEK 1     | Opening Circle & The Heroine's Journey

WEEK 2     | Navigating the Maiden & Maiden Traits

WEEK 3     | Navigating the Mother & Mother Traits

WEEK 4     | The Drama Triangle

WEEK 5     | Meet the Adversary Voice

WEEK 6     | Meet the Maiden 

WEEK 7     | Meet the Inner Mother & Mother Water  

WEEK 8     | Closing Circle: Reclamation of the Maiden & Mother within


With the purchase of the 8-week Maiden to Mother Journey, you will be also granted: 

- Access to all zoom recordings on private platform within one week of each call

- Access to The Heroine's Journey - A Women's Ritual (4 call recordings / course material from the September 2022's cohort to watch at your leisurely upon registration for the September 2023 cohort)

- The 5 Faces of the Mother Masterclass