$800.00 USD

The Maiden Mother Journey starts SEPTEMBER

8-Week Ritual into the Spirit & Story Arch of Feminine Consciousness 

This is a journey into the Maiden Mother Rights of Passage through Jungian Psychology, under the lineage of Marion Woodman as transmitted by Sarah Durham Wilson. 

Together we will explore: 

                Archetypal Mother 

               ✓ Archetypal Maiden

                The Heroine’s Journey

                Rights of Passage through Initiations

Crossing thresholds of maturity and what it means to cultivate mature leadership through Feminine Consciousness in our lives

Finally, we unlock feminine energetics of societies past to pull the power of feminine ancestry forward through HerStory.

What were matrilineal societies? What does Mature Leadership through Feminine Consciousness feel like in our bodies in today?

Virtual  Masterclass Schedule BEGINS September 

WEEK 1     | Opening Circle & The Heroine's Journey

WEEK 2     | Navigating the Maiden to Mother Journey

WEEK 3     |  Maiden Traits & The Initiation 

WEEK 4     | Cherishing Mother & Mother Water 

WEEK 5     | Preparation & Meeting the Maiden

WEEK 6     | The Underworld & The Initiation

WEEK 7     | Meeting Your Inner Mother 

WEEK 8     | Rising to your Wild Women & your True Power