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Personalize your experience to include 3 additional 1:1 calls & the applied materials to deepen your understanding of the journey through: 
  • 1:1 Intention Setting Call w/ Personalized Guided Visualization 
  • 1:1 Somatic Release Breathwork Session
  • 1:1 Integration Call w/ Personalized Guided Visualization 
  • The Applied Material: Worksheets & Journal Prompts 

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A Journey to Unity Consciousness

Honoring the Feminine on a path to Conscious Masculinity

A 4-Week Virtual Group Program for Men and Women

Begins August 5th

Together we will explore the qualities of Masculine and Feminine energies; and how they lie manifest in our internal and external worlds.  

We will explore the stages of both the Hero and Heroine’s Journey; and why living both of these story arcs is essential on our journey to Unity Consciousness. 

We will dive into the energetics of our subtle body system on the Roadmap to Masculine and Feminine Attributes within; what are out-of-balanced versus balanced masculine & feminine attributes? Here we move from a state of unconscious reactivity, to a more conscious responsive awareness through life. 

We will also explore how to marry the energies of divine creation on our journey of co-creating in alignment & in integrity with our higher purpose in life; how honoring the feminine creative qualities is key for the directional aim of our masculine creative qualities.

Lastly, we will explore the masculine and feminine energetics of societies past and present. What were matrilineal societies? What defines the patriarchal programming of today? What does Mature Leadership through Unity Consciousness feel like in our bodies in today's society? 

Here, we find The Sacred Marriage of a harmonious and balanced life within our own energetic system, the path to divine creation, and a more harmonious future for our children to come. 


  • Stages of The Hero & Heroine’s Journey
  • Balancing Masculine & Feminine Attributes within our Being 
  • Uniting Masculine & Feminine Aspects of Divine Creation 
  • Exploring Masculine & Feminine Programming within Society 

Honoring the Feminine on a path to Conscious Masculinity is the Sacred Marriage on the journey to Unity Consciousness.