Sacred Heart Sound Healing

Women's Retreats 2022

Sedona, Arizona
October 2022
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Includes live and in-person workshops that take us through all curriculum of the 1:1 Coaching Program, in a group setting and Sacred Sister’s Circle through as we dive the Descent to Wholeness and we heal in the arms of a cultivated community in Sisterhood.

Curriculum Includes:

  • The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock 
  • The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjoo 
  • Maiden to Mother Guided Meditations & Group Coaching
  • Somatic Release Breathwork™️

We will be taking close looks at our own stories through concepts such as: 

  • Individuation
  • Inner the Child & Shadow Work 
  • Archetypes & Myth 
  • Welcoming Wisdom through Aging 
  • Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • The Anatomy of Energy 
  • Co-Creation & Manifestation from a place of Wholeness & Abundance

During our 8 day retreat, we will also journey through a multitude of integrative practices to assist in the processing of energy in positive & practical ways including: 

  • Somatic Body Experiences such as: 
    • Holographic and Shamangelic Breathwork
    • Song & Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Circles 
    • Sound Baths  
    • Gentle Yoga
    • Inbody Movements & Ecstatic Dance
  • Cacao Ceremonies 
  • Herbology & Smudging 
  • Integration Paintings  

The week will be catered with organic Vegan gluten meals.  

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