Sacred Heart Sound Healing

Women's Retreat 2023

Sedona, Arizona
June 2nd - June 5th, 2023
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This retreat has been years in the incubator.  I am so pleased to announce...

The Heroine's Journey October 2022 Sedona Women's Retreat!!

This is where we PLAY

We've learned the things,

We've done the work. 

It's time to have some FUN!

This weekend includes live and in-person workshops that take us through embodiment practices of Rites of Passage, in a small group setting, as we dive deep into the cave of our bodies and heal in the arms of a specially curated coven of Sisterhood.

During our 3 night / 4 day carefully crafted ceremony, we will journey through a multitude of integrative psychosomatic spiritual practices to assist in the processing of energy in positive & practical ways.   

Embodiment practices include: 

  • Land Journeys & Creek Plunges
  • Cacao, Song, & Sacred Sharing Circles
  • Yoga & Body Movement
  • Integrative Painting
  • Holographic Sound Healing 
  • Guided Meditations & Visualizations
  • Somatic Breathwork™️
  • Ecstatic Dance 

We will be taking close looks at our own experiences through the lens of: 

  • The Heroine’s Journey
  • Initiation & Process of Individuation
  • Jungian Archetypes   
  • Masculine & Feminine Energies
  • Aspects of Divine Creation
  • Welcoming Wisdom through Aging 
  • Mature Leadership in Feminine Consciousness

Through the Divine orchestration of this weekend, you will leave leading life with new psychosomatic-spiritual practices that are tangible in everyday life.   

This weekend will be catered with high vibe organic meals only. Dietary restrictions will be accommodated upon request.  

*For more information on specially curated 1:1 experiences before or after the retreat, please reach out directly: [email protected] 

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