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The Heroine's Journey - A Women's Ritual 

starts September 13, 2022

A Women's Ritual into the Psychosomatic & Spiritual of Feminine Consciousness 

a series of 4 Live Masterclasses in a Circle of Sisters

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The Village 

starts February 6, 2023

An experiential journey into Conscious Femininity 

12-weeks / 1 retreat / Integrative Services

A coven in Sisterhood

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The Heroine's Journey 

A woman's ritual through the psychosomatic & spiritual realms of feminine consciousness

Begins September 13, 2022

A bi-weekly 4-part Masterclass Series 

Each 90 MINUTE Masterclass will have a variety of Guided Meditations, Worksheets, Journal Prompts, and opportunities for Group Shares in a sacred space. 


Together we will explore the qualities of Feminine Consciousness; and how they lie manifest in our internal and external worlds.  

We will explore the stages of The Heroine’s Journey as told by Maureen Murdock

We will dive the Roadmap to Feminine Attributes as energies; and how we flow from a state of unconscious reactivity, to responsive awareness through life through the lens of the Maiden & Mother Archetypes

We will also explore the energies of feminine creation and how to harvest the Deities of Feminine Consciousness through the Chakras & Subtle Body Systems.

Finally, we unlock feminine energetics of societies past to pull the power of feminine ancestry forward through HerStory.

What were matrilineal societies? What does Mature Leadership through Feminine Consciousness feel like in our bodies in today?

We will close this container with a complimentary Somatic Breathwork Virtual Ceremony, never before offered with the close of this course. 

The 4 Bi-weekly Masterclasses include: 

  • 9/13/2022 The Heroine's Journey Story Arch
  • 9/27/2022 The Roadmap of Feminine Attributes & Feminine Creative Energies 
  • 10/11/2022 The Maiden & The Mother as Archetypes
  • 10/25/2022 The 5 Faces of the Mother 
In joining this condensed course, you will also receive: 

...11/8/22 a BONUS Somatic Breathwork Virtual Session

...$3 UPGRADE OPTION at checkout to access to the NEWLY RELEASED Mother Masterclass Mini Course. $277 OFF October Sedona 2022 Women's Retreat by signing up for this course!! (essentially - if you decide to register for the October IN PERSON Retreat, this course becomes FREE as 100% rebate)

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to include The Mother Masterclass, a brand NEW pre recorded 9-part video series

($144 dollar value for only $3!)

This brand new mini course walks us through the Maiden and Mother as Archetypes through our processes of initiation: 
  • Maiden & Mother 
  • Death Mother 
  • Dark Mother 
  • Cherishing Mother 
  • Inner Mother
  • Great Mother  
  • Maiden Intake Worksheet 
  • Inner Mother Worksheet
  • NEWLY RELEASED: Guided Mother Meditation & Visualization

*this guided visualization is an hour long specially cultivated activation into the 5 Faces of the Mother, the Deities of Feminine Consciousness, and the Chakra System.

*the applied material are unique worksheets & journal prompts designed to assist you in going into the depths of your own life through the work.

"I was mad at my mother when I realized I should have been mad for her..." 

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