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Descent to Wholeness:

A Heroine’s Journey

Powerful in the embodiment of her own energy, Melanie's ability to transmute & alchemize stories of her own adversity empowers others to integrate their stories, find their Truth & own their Authentic Self.   

Melanie’s wit, humor and optimism empowers others to believe that they too can create a life in alignment with wholeness. Melanie’s passions come to life as she comes to understand herself more through the lens of others. 

Melanie’s passion is to guide women back into their authentic selves as they step into the power of their true nature.  To reconnect their bodies with the intrinsic wisdom of the Great Mother, Earth as Mother, and their own Inner Mother that launches them into full bloom. Helping women build a life by design from their individual Truth, realize fullest expression, and trust they too can co-create and manifest from a place of wholeness and abundance.  

By balancing the masculine and feminine energies in our bodies we find peace and harmony. By cultivating the Inner Mother within yourself, we heal as a Sovereign Being in this life.   

Confident in her ability to influence, she taps into truth through creative arts of self expression using modalities such as integrative paintings, creative writing, meditation, yoga, mantra chanting, somatic body work, sound healing, and transformational medicines. 

Melanie is an advocate for rediscovering Earth as Religion through the evolution of Women’s History & knowledge of Matriarchal Societies spanning back to 200,000 years ago.

The Heroine's Journey Book Launch

My calling has found me and if you believe in my purpose, any donation helps. Your money goes directly to implementing the systems to find the stages that will impact great change not only in my life but like a great ripple, in the lives of many others as well.

Together, let's get this book published, stages booked, and the nonprofit for teenage mothers started!

Melanie Joy

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Meet the Author

Melanie breathes a fiery breath of perspective into the stages of the archetypal story of a Woman's life through the journey of her own memoirs.  From the external expression of a patriarchal society to the internal journey into the cave of her body; Descent to Wholeness is a remembering back into the intuitive wisdom of the body as Melanie Joy learns how to stand in her unwavering truth.  

As a young single mom, from battles with addiction, pushing through college, and a career in Corporate America, we are eloquently led through the richness of Maureen Murdock’s 1990 as depicted in The Heroine’s Journey through her own Quest for Wholeness

Melanie Joy Speaks through a compilation of journal entries written over time that walks us through a glimpse of love through her letters with life. A story through rejection of the  feminine, identification with the masculine, and an urgent yearning to reconnect with her Inner Mother, the Earth as Mother, and the Great Cosmic Mother as she aims to lessen the dissonance of the triple mother wound in society today. 

After saying no to living in the masculine any longer, Melanie is brought back into her Feminine power as she shares her vulnerable truth through various healing modalities such as somatic body experiences and transformational plant medicines.

Her determination to rise above her own circumstances is layered with knowledge of philosophies including Inner child & Shadow Work, Subtle Body & Chakra Systems, Balancing Masculine/Feminine Attributes, Jungian Archetypes, Ancient Eastern Mythology, Anatomy of Energy, and finally: co-creation from a place of wholeness and abundance.

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